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Access Energetic face lift


This unique technique is a  4 hour International Practitioner Certification Course which has over 30 distinct energies that invite the cellular structure to change. It involves using multiple frequencies which restore the natural flow of energy in and around the body. Using  hands as neurotransmitters, gentle touch is applied to the face, neck and feet. This facilitates clearing blocks in the energy fields, those points of stagnation usually caused by our emotions and long term stress. With the energy flowing in the body, the muscles begin to relax and the skin begins to rejuvenate.

Have you used the newest technologies, beauty products, exercises and diets to look young? Are they working for you? If you answered no, it may be that you are missing the most important element: ENERGY! Science tells us that everything is energy and everything is connected energetically…that we are electromagnetic beings.

Benefits of Access Facelift:

*Lift and awaken your face
*Smooth and tighten your skin
*Reverse the appearance of aging
*De-stress YOU. .

Learn the Access Energetic Face Lift™ with a friend or two so you can gift and receive the benefits of this dynamic process on a weekly basis.Please call 91-44-42658110 9176085865 or email:

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  1. dr amitoj sall said:

    I am interested in learning the access bars
    When is the next workshop being organised.

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