Access Consciousness Chennai Tamilnadu india

Healing the body with Access Consciousness – Chennai Classes


There are over 50 hands-on body processes that you can learn. These processes unlock the tension, resistance, and dis-ease of the body, erasing damaging and limiting programming that has been imposed upon bodies.  Science tells us that limiting thoughts, feelings, and emotions change the shape of our cells from spherical to an elliptical shape – the cause of dis-ease.  Having these energy processes run on your body starts to revert the cells back to their original spherical shape.

What if you could undo a whole lot of limitations that you have locked into your
body and create an alteration of the way your body functions, so that it becomes far
more efficient and also less needful of what people have defined as the best of this

What if food, supplements and exercise have almost nothing to do with how your
body truly functions? What if you could have ease, joy and communion with your
body far beyond what is considered possible right now? Would you be willing to
explore the possibilities?

Learn Processes for

Weight loss
Muscular Injuries
Drug After Effects
Pain and/or Infection
Greatness of Embodiment
Any Malfunction | Dis-ease | Dis-order

Please call 9176085865 or email : for more details

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