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What are Access Consciousness BARS?

Access Consciousness is a set of tools and processes that are designed to create clarity, ease, joy and glory in your life. Access Consciousness is not about doing anything to you or for you. It’s about unlocking you from what’s been keeping you from experiencing the greatness you already are.

The truth is …….we are all infinite beings if we choose to claim, own and acknowledge it..The four things an infinite being does is perceive, know, be and receive everything. Unfortunately most of us function from finiteness instead of infiniteness. Our lives are full of trauma and drama, upset, intrigue, and struggle. We can set ourselves free by undoing our addiction to polarity and functioning instead from allowance.

We were put on this planet to receive the abundance the world has to offer. Whenever we align and agree with something or resist and react , we are not in allowance and we are not free. We cut off receiving and are kept from the abundance we were destined to have.


Access Consciousness offer a hands on process called BARS In this process we gently touch 32 different points on the head which start unlocking limitations and judgments in those areas of your life (power, money, control, awareness, body, sexuality, aging, creativity, hopes & dreams and more). 

The other process is Verbal Clearings. We locate those areas of our lives that we are creating unconsciously that keeps us stuck in the reality that we are wanting to change. For anything not to be working for you, you have to be unwilling to perceive, know, be or receive some aspect of it.

One of the tools of Access is the clearing statement. The clearing statement is designed to bypass your thinking logical mind. it is designed to give you more awareness and more ability to function from consciousness even if you don’t understand the words and even if you don’t understand cognitively what is creating the limitation. The purpose of the clearing statement is to bring in as much of the energy of limitation around this one thing as we can, and then blast them out of existence. 

What if we could eradicate all the thoughts, feelings, emotions and considerations that lock your consciousness and impact your health and well-being and keep you stuck?  From Access Consciousness Blog 

Contact : Raji Raaman 9176085865

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